The X Factor contestants are concerned that their £6 million mansion is haunted, according to reports.

Some of the hopefuls have encountered a series of unexplained happenings at the Hertfordshire house they’ve been staying in, The Sun said.

Nu Vibe star Bradley Johnson, 16, told the newspaper that his eyes had started to play tricks on him, saying: “I walked into the attic and put the light on.

“This light came on from under the floorboards and I thought I saw a dead body.”

Bandmate Stefan Romer, 19, told The Sun that the strange occurrences had kept them awake in the night.

“We’d been telling scary stories about serial killers. We were walking outside and looked up and the lights had turned on. They’re sensored but no-one else was there,” he said.

“Then there was a huge smash, like a big door – but the front door was locked. We couldn’t sleep for hours.”

But bandmate Ashford Campbell, 19, told the newspaper there was a more prosaic explanation, saying: “It’s a brand new house. It’s probably just a boiler.”

The 16 X Factor finalists have moved into the mansion for the duration of their stay in the competition.

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