X Factor finalist Diana Vickers has denied the winner’s song was chosen with her in mind.

The quirky 17-year-old sang Leonard Cohen’s hit Hallelujah at the boot camp audition stages of the ITV1 show.

She said: “Honestly, at boot camp we all got given a list and we all had an opportunity to sing that song and it just happened I picked that and so did many of the other contestants.

“But all of us can put our different styles on it. Just because I’ve sang it once I don’t think it means anything.”

Diana is the bookies’ favourite to win the show but Cheryl Cole’s act said that all of the finalists had enjoyed recording the classic song.

She said: “Everyone was so chuffed when they heard it, we’ve all made it our own. Ruth’s got the rock chick thing on it, Alex has given her twist, little Eoghan is singing a choir boy version and JLS have just mixed it up and it’s amazing.”

The other finalists agreed. Alexandra said: “Do you know what, when we got that song I thought, ‘Oh my God’. Then I went upstairs, listened to it for about 10 minutes and thought, ‘everyone can put their own twist on this’.

“JLS can do a Boyz 2 Men thing, Diana’s already got her uniqueness on that song. Ruth can do a rocky version, I can do a soul, gospel version and Eoghan can do his thing with it.

“There’s all these rumours about Diana but I think the competition is still well open for anyone to win.”

Ruth, who was saved by the judges in a contentious showdown against Bolton singer Laura White, said: “I don’t think it’s picked for a singer and after seeing Laura go anyone can win this show.”

JLS’s JB said: “We’ll tackle it with the usual JLS swagger.”

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