The X Factor finalists have been banned from having sex while they are living in the show’s new house, according to the papers.

The Sun reports that a ban on “intimate physical relationships” is just one of the many rules contestants will face while they are in the £3.5m Hertfordshire property – and they face dismissal from the show if they step out of line.

They have also been told they are not allowed outside without a member of the show’s team – nor are they allowed to answer the front door.

“Contestants have been given a firm talking to about what they can and can’t do,” an insider said.

“They’re definitely not allowed to have sex or strike up relationships – although, with their packed schedule, they won’t have time to.

“Producers have reserved the right to disqualify anyone who disobeys.”

Show bosses are hoping to avoid the chaos of last year, when the X Factor house in Golders Green, North London, was besieged by fans, causing disruption to residents and traffic. There were also reports of bad behaviour from the finalists living there.

This year’s house, in Borehamwood, is reportedly in a secluded private road and has electronic gates to keep the public at bay.

Aside from the sex ban, contestants face a long list of other rules while living in the house. They are banned from taking drugs, drinking if they are under 18, having overnight visitors or smoking anywhere except in the garden.

And girls have been told they cannot wear high heels indoors to prevent damage to the floors.

The regulations come despite reports that Simon Cowell has told the contestants to “run wild” and create more drama this year.

“I can’t tell people when and where they can and can’t have sex,” he said. “Actually, I can probably tell them where they can’t.”

The 12 finalists in this year’s show will be revealed on Sunday night’s programme, following a weekend double bill of highlights from the judges’ houses.