X Factor groups say Louis was bluffing

Louis Walsh’s X Factor groups have claimed that he’s bluffing – after reports that the judge said they aren’t in with a chance of winning against Simon Cowell’s category.

Louis said that he had the ‘hardest’ group and felt that the Over 25s were more likely to win.

But Miss Frank’s Shar Alexandra is remaining optimistic saying: “Maybe he’s saying that to surprise the public so everyone thinks he’s not going to win and then there’ll be a dramatic climax and one of us will.”

Edward Grimes, 17, argued: “You can’t just say ‘I’m going to win the show’ because it puts a lot of pressure on you. You set your expectations so high that your expectations are higher than the actual act.”

Shar added: “Look at JLS and what he did with them and they’ve got so big now. Rather than focus on the negative that people love to do, look at JLS.”

Azi Jegbefume, from Kandy Rain, said she didn’t believe it was Louis who said it.

“We read it, but we don’t actually believe that Louis would say that,” she said. “All of us have a really good relationship with him, he’s been talking to us and stuff like that, and he does believe in us.”