X Factor: No one’s asked Sharon to come back

Sharon Osbourne has not been asked back by ITV after walking out of Saturday’s live X Factor show, she revealed.

The X Factor judge, 55, announced live on air ‘I’m out – gone!’ after two of her three acts found themselves in the bottom two of the show at the weekend.

Osbourne, who was said to have rowed with rival Dannii Minogue just before going on air on Saturday, admitted she had ‘made a mistake’ by storming off.

But the wife of former Black Sabbath star Ozzie Osbourne told Paul O’Grady that programme bosses had not contacted her to ask if she would return.

She said: “I had just had it up to here. I thought, ‘I’m not going to take any more’.

“I have made mistakes. I made one on Saturday… I can’t apologise for being me.”

But she told the Paul O’Grady Show: “I don’t know if ITV want me back. I want to go back to take care of my girls, but I’ve not heard from anyone. I’ll pay for the call.”

O’Grady, who sensationally left ITV for Channel 4 and has previously launched stinging attacks on the broadcaster, told Osbourne: “You’ve got to go back or there’s no show. You’re the cog in the show.”

He told ITV: “If you’re watching, ‘Can anyone do the courtesy of picking up the telephone?'”

In a jibe at ITV over the phone votes scandals, he added: “They’re good at phones.”

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