X Factor reject to return?

A famous face from the past could be paying Simon Cowell a visit in the next series of The X Factor.

Pop flop Emma Chawner is making a second bid for fame, according to the Sun.

Emma, who is 18, endured a stinging attack on her singing and her blancmange-like home-made dress during her audition last year. “You sang the song out of tune and a bit like a baby,” Simon told her afterwards.

But it seems the hairdressing student, from Ramsbottom in Lancashire, is determined to prove that Simon was wrong to dismiss her.

Unperturbed by her rejection, Emma signed up for a course of singing lessons after being booted off the show and sailed through the first round of auditions for this summer’s upcoming series.

Now she is waiting to hear whether she will be performing in front of her old nemesis in the finals.

“I’ve done lots of singing since the show. I’ve been on Radio One with Atomic Kitten,” she told the newspaper.

Some viewers were unhappy with Simon’s savaging last year, prompting an outcry about the way young hopefuls are treated by reality TV shows.

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