X Factor results drama to feature on Saturday

Saturday night’s X Factor will reportedly feature footage of the aftermath of last weekend’s results drama, which led to Gary Barlow storming off set.

The dramatic moments, which see the Take That singer storm backstage and declare the outcome “ridiculous”, occurred on last Sunday’s show after Louis Walsh’s agonised decision to take the final result to deadlock led to Rylan Clark being saved instead of Carolynne Poole.

And the footage will see Gary tell a cameraman, “I’m not talking – get that out of my face” before storming into his dressing room.

A source told the Mirror that relations between Gary and Louis remained “frosty” despite attempts to patch things up over dinner this week.

“As far as Gary is concerned, Louis and his relationship is well and truly over. It may make TV gold on Saturday night but this feud is real,” the insider said.

“Unless Louis dramatically rethinks his approach, Gary won’t have the time of day for him in this life or the next.”

Louis has since said he and Gary would “agree to disagree,” and added, “We also agree it has to be about the talent, not being controversial.”

The insider added that production staff planned to capitalise on the publicity over the pair’s feud by asking them about it early on in Saturday’s show.

“They know Gary’s angry with Louis, who will be squirming and trying to justify himself,” the source said. “They plan to milk it for all it’s worth.”

The result caused further controversy following claims that Louis had been speaking with executive producer Richard Holloway during Carolynne’s performance in the sing-off last week – sparking speculation that he had been told to send the vote to deadlock in order to create further drama and keep Rylan in the competition.

However producers have since denied this, saying that Holloway regularly consults with the judges throughout the show.

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