X Factor’s Cheryl says she and Simon Cowell have ‘unfinished business’

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini (nee Cole) has revealed she went back to the X Factor following her public sacking from the show by Simon Cowell because she had unfinished business.

Speaking to the Times Magazine, newly married Cheryl, who was sensationally sacked from the US version of the show in 2010, said she knew she’d return.

“It felt like unfinished business,” she says. “Because it was inevitable that Simon and I worked together again. It never felt like that was it.

“We’re too compatible.”

Revealing how she feels about herself now, Cheryl said:

“I just feel… new. I’ve took my two years and I’ve just grown. I’m a woman now,” she said.

Speaking about the time following her divorce from lovecheat Ashley Cole, Cheryl admits she was in a really dark place – and felt somewhat “numbed by life”.

“Horrible numb, to the point where you don’t feel happy things; you don’t feel bad things.”

“I was walking crazyville,” she continued. “I had no fire in me belly. I didn’t feel passionate any more. Just a bit dead. Getting out of bed was difficult.”

But she came back stronger.

“You know what I also realised these past years? I refuse to let somebody else’s s**ty behaviour change me fundamentally. So because you treat me like s***, I’m not going to become bitter and twisted. I’m going to remain the person I am, with the values and beliefs that I had, and let you deal with your s***.

When asked why she didn’t change her name back to Tweedy after her divorce, Cheryl told the Times Magazine: “Because that feels like the old old me.

“And it doesn’t feel like his name,” she continues. “[it feels] like I own it. And I’ve built a lot of my life around it.”

The Fight for this Love hitmaker has now taken new husband Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini’s surname, but will remain know as simply Cheryl for work.

The pair wed in a secret ceremony earlier this month with just four guest attending.

Read the full interview in this week’s Times Magazine, out now.

The X Factor returns to ITV at the end of the summer.

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