Helen Fulthorpe was nervous, the whole of Wembley could see that. The 33-year-old mum of two stood in front of the judges, shuffling her feet and tugging at the hem of her dress. Then she started singing… and then she had the audience on their feet with her performance of Otis Redding’s “Try a Little Tenderness”. But Simon Cowell couldn’t quite believe what he had heard.

“It’s like you swallowed somebody else who was singing inside of you because that shouldn’t have come from you,” Simon told Helen. “You’ve got a fantastic voice. You came out in front of five thousand people and tore the roof off.”

“It felt like this was the moment you’ve been waiting for your whole life and you took that moment and you ran with it,” Cheryl added.

But Helen wasn’t the only one to rock the arena on the Sunday night show (September 21), the final round of Wembley Arena auditions.

Other performers enrolled in Boot Camp include…

Lola Saunders, a 20-year-old fish gutter from South Shields, who couldn’t stop crying before she sang and couldn’t stop crying when she’d finished. But in between she blew the judges and audience away with her performance of You Make Me Feel (Like A Natural Woman), by Carol King.

“I think you were overcome with emotion because you understand the significance of this particular audition. Can you win over a crowd of 5000 people? And within 10 seconds you did,” Simon told Lola.

Janet Grogan, 26, from Dublin, who had Mel B on her feet after she sang U2’s “I Still Haven’t What I’m Looking For”.

“That’s how you do a good audition. Thank you! I love you!” Mel shouted at Janet. “Now we are talking. That woke me up!”

And American Air Force man Charlie Martinez Hernandez, who nearly put Mel to sleep… He sang One Direction’s “You and I” and three of the four judges liked it. Not Mel…

“This audition fell flat for me,” she told Charlie. “I was completely bored. I nearly fell asleep!”

“The audience liked it,” Louis Walsh pointed out.

The X Factor continues on ITV, Friday, September 26, 9.00pm

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