Sharon Osbourne has launched a scathing attack against X Factor judge Dannii Minogue calling her a ‘bully’ and claims that she is trying to oust Louis Walsh from the ITV1 show.

On Saturday night, viewers watched as Dannii was seemingly reduced to tears by Louis, who accused her of ‘stealing’ a song he wanted for his act, JLS.

But Sharon, who famously quit the ITV1 show before the current series without revealing why, claims that Dannii is the bully – not Louis – and said she’s now trying to force Louis off the show just like she did to her.

In an interview with The Sun, Sharon said: “Louis is genuinely upset because he doesn’t want people to think he is a bully.

“It’s the last thing he is but that’s what people think when Dannii’s sitting like a porcelain doll with big fat tears rolling down her cheeks. But there are two sides to the story.”

When Dannii joined the show last year, she accused both Sharon and Louis of bullying her, but Sharon insists the reality is quite different.

“There’s the perception she’s the sweetest little thing in the world but she’s not,” Sharon said. “She’s a woman of the world. She’s got balls of steel.”

Dannii was also quoted as saying Sharon didn’t like her because: “I’m younger and prettier.”

But Sharon claims that when she went to confront Dannii over the reports, Dannii “just stared at me like an iceberg.”

Sharon insists that she is not jealous of Dannii – claiming Dannii has become the jealous one since the arrival of Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole.

She said: “It was difficult to get to know [Dannii] because she was always up Simon’s ar*e and trying to be teacher’s pet. When you were teacher’s pet and you come back to class and you’re no longer teacher’s pet, she must be hurting.”

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