X Factor contestant Sam Bailey says she can’t see herself returning to her old job as a prison officer – no matter what happens on the show.

The 35-year-old mother-of-two told Metro she missed her old colleagues and her job.

But she added: “It’s not something I can let go of straight away, but I doubt I will go back to work as a prison officer.”

The singer said she wouldn’t go wild if she did win the ITV show, adding: “I don’t drink, do I,” before revealing how she accidentally got drunk when out for dinner with mentor Sharon Osbourne.

“I went out last week with Sharon and someone on another table had bought us some little liqueurs. Sharon knew I didn’t drink, but she whispered ‘just pretend to drink it’ so I sat there sipping this drink. And I think because I don’t drink it really affected me and I ended up having a giggly half an hour.”

Despite becoming a well known face herself because of her X Factor success, Sam said that she was still in awe when she met famous people.

“I met Jason Donovan backstage the other week and I started singing Especially For You at him and straight after thought ‘what did I just do!?’ I don’t know if he felt awkward or he liked it or what, but I thought I was a right plum!”

Meanwhile, rival Nicholas McDonald told Metro that meeting his idol Celine Dion on The X Factor inspired him.

“She’s probably one of the biggest celebrities to be on the show this year. When she finished singing, I’ve never seen a reaction like that in my life. All the judges and everyone else were clapping. I wish I got that!” the 17-year-old said.

Boyband Rough Copy said they thought they made a good impression on Lady Gaga when she appeared on the series.

“It would be nice to sit down with Lady Gaga and do some form of styling,” the trio told the newspaper.

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