X Factor stars banned from dissing Simon Cowell?

The 12 X Factor finalists have reportedly been made to sign a contract which legally stops them from badmouthing Simon Cowell.

According to a report in the Daily Mirror, the singers had to sign the agreement in order to make it into the live final.

Clause 32.4 says artists must not make any statement which ‘may be considered unduly negative, critical or derogatory of the Company – including its personnel and, in particular, Simon Cowell’.

A music industry source said: “The contract makes clear no one can speak badly of X Factor supremo Simon. It is hilarious. He must be ultra-paranoid.”

The 80-page contract also reveals that the winner – either Alexandra Burke, JLS or Eoghan Quigg – will only receive £150,000 from their £1million record deal prize up front, which must also cover their expenses.

According to a source quoted by the newspaper it could take years for the X Factor winner to receive their full prize money.

The source said: “Even then, chances are they will never see that sort of money.”

But an X Factor spokesman said that the winner could expect to get the full benefit of the prize money.

“It’s not a £1million prize – it’s a record deal. The £1million figure includes the recording costs, using the best producers, and marketing costs using the best video directors.”

The contract says:

  • Artists cannot make any negative comments about Simon Cowell or the company
  • Artists who have been voted off the competition must pay five per cent of all future live earnings to Simon Cowell for a year
  • The winner of the show receives £150,000 advance, 2nd place £75,000, 3rd wins £50,000 and 4th £10,000
  • Live performances are limited to pubs for three months after the last show – unless the gig is being recorded
  • The contract applies anywhere in the world and even in SPACE!

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