X Factor stars: We’re not just a Rough Copy of JLS (VIDEO)

Rough Copy have distanced themselves from JLS, saying it’s too easy to compare them with the hit boy band who recently split up.

The trio, who were voted out of The X Factor after losing a sing-off to Luke Friend on Sunday, told What’s on TV that people just expect them to fill the vacuum created by JLS’s split, but they’re very different and want to be even bigger.

Joey Thomas said: “We’ve kind of got the same vibe, but obviously we’re more R’n’B, they’re more pop, so the comparison’s always going to be there… But in terms of what we do, we’re very, very different. But right now, they’ve broken up, there’s a space, so everyone’s like ‘Let’s put them there’. It’s easy – we’re there, we’re current, we’re there right now, it’s just an easy thing to say.”

Kazeem Ajobe added: “I think we just want to make our own name, our own space, make our own history so people can be like ‘Oh, this group reminds me of Rough Copy!’ We don’t want to be in JLS’s shadow or live up to their expectations. We hope to more successful, as anyone would feel.”

Watch the interview with Rough Copy: