The Risk and Johnny Robinson have become the latest acts to exit The The X Factor 2011 following Sunday night’s double elimination.

The boy band were the first to leave the competition after receiving the lowest number of public votes – while Johnny was given his marching orders after losing out to Kitty Brucknell in the sing-off.

It was the second week running that Kitty had found herself singing for survival, but once again the judges chose to save her following a sing-off which saw her performing Kelly Clarkson’s Beautiful Disaster, while Johnny opted for the classic track Unchained Melody.

And once again Louis Walsh found himself in the uncomfortable position of having to send one of his own acts home – as he had done with Sami Brookes a fortnight ago.

“I love both acts, they’ve been incredible to work with, two of the nicest people I know, they were both incredible in the sing off,” he said, “but I have to think the person who in the real world would get a recording contract.

“I’m not going to cop out I’m going to make a decision and the act I have to send home tonight is Johnny.”

Tulisa also opted to save Kitty, saying “I’ve got to go with the act I look forward to watching perform each week,” while Kelly was in agreement – ultimately delivering the vote which sent Johnny home.

“I have to say whose album am I going to be buying, who am I going to see in concert, who is going to completely entertain me on stage, I have to be honest with myself and save the act who is going to continue to do something more in this competition,” she said, “so the act I’m sending home tonight is going to be Johnny.”

Although Gary Barlow’s vote made no difference to the result, he spoke out in favour of the 45-year-old. “I just need to say that Johnny is one of the nicest people in this competition,” he said.

And Johnny took his defeat with dignity, thanking all those who had lent him their support.

“I’ve really got to thank everybody that’s got behind me,” he said, “all the judges, everybody in the UK that accepted me for just being me.”

The Risk, meanwhile, vowed to continue in spite of being voted off the show.

“We’re The Risk, we’re gonna carry on,” said band member Charlie Healy, while fellow singer Andrew Merry added, “It’s been an honour to sing with these guys.”

Six other acts made it through, including Frankie Cocozza, who had been heavily tipped to leave this week.

Craig Colton, Marcus Collins, Little Mix, Janet Devlin and Misha B also sailed through to next week on the strength of the public vote.