X Factor’s Abi Alton: ‘Nerves and lack of confidence let me down’

Abi Alton has admitted she is sad to have let the judges down by not showing enough emotion in her X Factor performances.

The 19-year-old contestant became the first from Nicole Scherzinger’s girls category to be voted off the ITV show after she lost out in the sing-off to Hannah Barrett, and blamed her nerves for giving the impression there was a lack of feeling when she sang.

Abi, who was told by the X Factor judges it was frustrating that it had taken being in the sing-off for her to perform really well, said: “I was sad that I felt there was an air of disappointment surrounding me.

“But the process is incredibly stressful and I feel like my nerves and my lack of confidence let me down when I went out there on a Saturday night.”

Of the judges’ comments about her final performance, she said: “When it comes to the sing-off, that emotion that you feel, you can’t replicate that when you go out on a Saturday night. As much as you might try, you can’t mimic that vulnerability you feel, and that sort of, ‘Oh my gosh, this could be the last time’.”

Despite being more comfortable with an acoustic sound, Abi insisted she hadn’t minded the X Factor theme weeks which saw her bow out after big band week.

She said: “As much as the themes probably weren’t my cup of tea, I absolutely loved big band week. I loved being on the stage with all those musicians.”

The supermarket worker from Teesside also revealed Celine Dion, who performed on Sunday night’s eviction show, had found some new fans in this year’s X Factor contestants.

“I have to say, Celine Dion was absolutely incredible and that song, after she performed it we all downloaded it and we were, like, listening to it. We had it playing in the green room and everything,” she said.


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