X Factor’s Brian: Strictly should be more glam

Brian Friedman thinks that Strictly Come Dancing is losing out in the battle of the Saturday night reality TV ratings because it looks ‘poor’ and X Factor is ‘better’.

The X Factor creative director said he loved the BBC dance competition, but ‘our show’s better’.

Brian added that he thought the BBC should glam up the show to reel in the viewers.

Talking about Dancing With The Stars, he said: “There’s something about the American version which is not translating into the British version and this is the version we had first.

“Somehow in America we’ve really managed to buff and shine the show, make it high gloss, it looks really expensive.

“The BBC needs to kick it in a little bit and make it a little bit glossy, like X Factor. But regardless if it looks poor or not, I would still watch it if I had time.

“I love ballroom dancers and I love the whole idea of taking celebrities and seeing if they’re a complete train wreck or whether they can do really well. I love the transformation.”

The choreographer went on to explain that he thought Britney Spears would be a big fan of John and Edward’s take on her hit Oops I Did It Again.

He said: “I’m guessing Brit hasn’t seen it yet but I’m definitely going to push it over and make sure she sees it because it’s a beautiful homage.”