X Factor’s Carolynne: ‘Louis was confused’ (VIDEO)

The first finalist to be voted off the The X Factor, Carolynne Poole, says she doesn’t blame Louis Walsh for her exit.

The amazingly forgiving 32-year-old singer said she thought Louis was really confused when he changed his vote from her to Rylan Clark, thus sending them to Deadlock, which meant the public votes saved her rival.

Carolynne told whatsontv.co.uk: “I have no idea why he changed his mind. I think he was genuinely confused. I don’t know…Maybe he really did like us both equally and he couldn’t decide.”

“[But] the public voted me out. I know Louis took it to Deadlock, but ultimately I had the least amount of votes. So, you know… It’s just the X Factor, it’s what happens.”

Carolynne agreed that her song choice – Nicki Minaj’s Starships – cost her dearly on Saturday.

“The UK in general doesn’t accept Country music,” she said. “They think Country music is going to be singing about chewing hay and cowboy boots and line dancing… It was a kind of decision to make it more current, to try to appeal to the younger audience and maybe we made the mistake of trying to appeal to them when they were already voting for the boy bands.”

Watch the interview with X Factor’s Carolynne Poole

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