X Factor’s Cheryl reveals baby plans

Cheryl Cole has revealed that she plans a big family – and wants to make a start soon.

The X Factor judge was keen to start a family weeks before allegations about her footballer husband Ashley’s infidelity hit the news, according to reports in OK! magazine.

But after weighing up her hectic schedule, Cheryl decided to put the plans on hold.

But she said in Girls Aloud‘s book, Dreams That Glitter, serialised in OK! magazine: “Family is becoming a priority. I started to think more about having children when I met Ashley.

“These days there’s no reason why you can’t have a family and a career. I’m from a big family and I want a big family and that means I have to make a start soon – so watch this space.”

Bandmate Nicola Roberts also revealed that she has struggled with her skin tone.

She said: “I was so pale. I hated it and I hated people judging me. I’d put on the telly and there’d be someone saying something cruel, or I’d open a magazine and read it…

“Being so young and shy it felt terrible… You’ve got no idea the lengths I went to just to be brown.”

And in the book, Nadine Coyle told how at aged 17, she found a lump in her breast.

She said: “It did go through my mind it might be cancer… Then the results came back clear and everything was fine and as I started to feel better about my health generally it just kind of disappeared and I haven’t had any trouble since.”