Former X Factor finalist Christoher Maloney was forced to flee on a night out after being targeted by thugs.

The singer – who finished third in the 2012 series of the show – told the Sunday Mirror that he was cut by flying glass from his car window as he left a party in Bootle, Liverpool, with relatives including his four-year-old nephew.

“I was scared for my life and so worried about my nephew,” he told the paper. “He was crying and there were shards of glass on his legs. We all screamed.”

Chris explained that they had been recognised in the street outside the party by the gang, who began taunting him.

“I heard one shout, ‘You’re that guy off X Factor.’ Then they all started,” he recalled.

“Someone said, ‘Simon Cowell’s a d***head.’ Another guy, who’d spilt something on his jeans said, ‘Simon’s made me p*** myself.’ Then they called my nan, who’s 77, a slag and a slut. Luckily she wasn’t with me.”

Chris added: “As we drove out of the car park, the car window was smashed.

It is not the first time that the Liverpudlian singer has been targeted since appearing on the show.

The singer – whose new track My Heart Belongs To You is released on October 6 – told the paper he no longer goes out unaccompanied at night or uses public transport after receiving death threats and online abuse on Twitter.

X Factor needs a better support network, so people know what to expect,” he said. “There are always a few who take things too far, I’ve had to grow a very thick skin.”

The 35-year-old was a last-minute addition to the finals in 2012 after being voted in as a wild card artist.

He went on to reach the final despite proving unpopular both with the judges and with viewers, as well as weathering allegations of diva-like behaviour backstage.