Dannii Minogue has admitted it’s ‘a dream’ working on The X Factor without Sharon Osbourne.

Sharon, 55, recently quit as a judge on the ITV1 show in a pay dispute – and it was widely speculated that she and Dannii did not get on while filming last year’s series.

Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole was brought in to replace Sharon – and since the auditions began this month, Dannii has said that she is enjoying filming with Cheryl, Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell, according to reports in The Sun.

Dannii revealed: “It’s just a dream. It’s a very different set. No more eyes down during commercial breaks trying not to look tense. It wasn’t the sort of environment I wanted to be in.”

That’s not to say that Dannii and Cheryl haven’t clashed in the past. Dannii branded Girls Aloud chavs – and the band hit back by saying that Dannii had undergone too much plastic surgery.

But Dannii insists that the pair have put their differences aside to work on the show.

She said: “We started off on a good foot. I went to her dressing room and said: ‘Welcome to the set, let’s have some fun.’

“I can’t say I don’t enjoy the current situation a lot more.”

However, a pal of Dannii has claimed that there has been ‘frostiness’ between the pair.

The source added: “They are not the best of pals and probably never will be. But anything is better than Sharon. Dannii is now the show’s senior woman and feels like she won the war.”