X Factor’s Sam Bailey ’embarrassed’ by Miley’s twerking

X Factor favourite Sam Bailey might not be too keen when controversial singer Miley Cyrus takes to the stage on Sunday night.

Miley – who has caused outrage in recent months with her barely-there costumes and her raunchy onstage routine with Robin Thicke at the MTV Awards -is set to perform on the results show this weekend.

However mother-of-three Sam has admitted that her eight-year-old daughter is embarrassed by the former teen queen’s twerking ways – and has called her recent behaviour ‘inappropriate’.

She also blasted Lady Gaga for her recent X Factor performance in which she gyrated around the stage dressed in flesh coloured underwear.

“I didn’t think it was appropriate for a child to watch it,” she told the Sunday Mirror.

“If I was sitting with my daughter Brooke watching Miley Cyrus twerking or Lady Gaga, she tends to put the pillow over her face because she’s embarrassed.

She added: “Miley was Hannah Montana and my daughter was a huge fan. But she doesn’t see her as being the same person now.

“My daughter is at the age which she’s picking up on stuff on the TV. She’s like ‘urgh’ and walks out of the room. She knows her own mind.”

Miley has been warned by show bosses to tone down the raunch on Sunday night – but sources have admitted they are still nervous about her forthcoming performance.

The X Factor results show kicks off on Sunday night on ITV at 8pm.

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