X Factor finalist Stacey Solomon competes to host the ultimate party in Living’s new show, Party Wars

Why did you want to take part in Party Wars?
“I was pregnant with my son Zack when I was 18, so I couldn’t really have a big party and I thought, I’m 21, I’ve really got to have a party this year!”

You went for a Winter Wonderland-themed bash. What was the party like?
“I had ice sculptures, everyone dressed in white and everything was all sparkly and lovely. I was just dancing with everyone and having fun – for me to actually have a 21st birthday party, I felt so lucky.”

In the show, you’re competing with non-celebrities, Carly, Aaron and Don Andre. Which was your favourite of those three parties?
“Carly gave a good performance at her Heaven and Hell party and I had such a good time on the gambling tables at Aaron’s Las Vegas event. Don Andre’s all-dayer was hilarious and definitely a night to remember. I know I’ll never forget it!”

All the parties are judged on Host With The Most, Rate My Mates and Night to Remember. How would you rate your own party?
“I’d say I was just a normal host really, but I’d give my night 10 out of 10 for Night To Remember because it was my birthday and I loved it!”

Have you been watching any of this year’s X Factor?
“I’ve seen some of the shows and I thought I’d be like: ‘Oh, that was me a year ago’, but I’ve just been watching it how I’ve always watched it. It’s such a good programme and everyone enjoys it – even the ones who say they don’t watch it, watch it!”

Do you still get recognised from your time on The X Factor?
“Yes – and people ask me, does that annoy you? But how can I be annoyed that people want to have their photo with me? For 20 years of my life, I’ve just been normal. I just feel so lucky being in the position that I’m in.”

*Party Wars starts on Monday, October 18 at 10pm on Living