Storm Lee has revealed X Factor contestants Aiden Grimshaw and Matt Cardle are enjoying a bromance.

Although the two singers are rivals in the competition, Storm said he was jealous of their friendship.

Storm said: “Aiden and Matt are having a bromance. Everyone talks about it. I think they have a real deep connection. I was always jealous of Matt and Aiden.”

The Scottish-born singer, who has lived in America, was speaking at the premiere of The Commuter, a short film shot entirely in HD on a Nokia N8 starring Dev Patel, Ed Westwick and Pamela Anderson.

Storm admitted living in the X Factor house had been tough, but he revealed that he and Katie Waissel had become better friends since he moved out and they were no longer competing to win the show.

He said: “Katie and I are better friends now that I am off the show. Being on the show really strained our relationship. I would rather Katie do well than me. I think she is a bit more of a star than I am. She really wants it.

“Katie and I were so similar we were almost the male, female of the same thing. The jacket she wore in the first week was for me, but I said I wouldn’t wear it so they put it backwards and put it on her.

“I did want to play piano on the show but that was the week when Katie did and I didn’t want to compete with her.”

And Storm thinks Simon Cowell is pushing for his group One Direction to win.

He said: “They are gunning for a band to win that show.”