X Factor’s Tulisa denies air rage allegations

X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos has denied reports that she was involved in an ‘air rage’ incident on a flight from London to Majorca.

According to the Sunday Mirror the N-Dubz singer shocked passengers by hurling abuse at an air steward on the British Airways flight, after her fellow band member and rumoured boyfriend Fazer was asked to turn off his mobile phone.

The paper reports that while Fazer had been using the phone in its flight-safe mode during the journey, the problems arose when he ignored an announcement to turn off mobile devices.

“It all suddenly kicked off,” a source on the flight told the paper.

“The BA guy was very mild-mannered and asked for the phone to be turned off. But Tulisa, who was sitting next to Fazer, got very angry.”

“Quite a few passengers would have heard,” the source added. “The guy asked her to calm down. He said it was important for everyone’s safety that the phone be switched off.”

A BA spokesman confirmed an incident had occurred on the flight, telling the Mirror, “British Airways has a record of an incident on a flight from London City to Palma, Majorca, involving two passengers using mobile phones.

“A lady in the party who wasn’t using her phone was abusive towards the crew, telling them to leave her friends alone.

“BA takes a firm stance on the use of mobile phones. The incident was resolved by the cabin crew.”

However Tulisa has categorically denied the allegations.

Speaking on her Twitter page, she said “I completely deny that I was abusive to airline staff on our flight to Majorca a few weeks ago. My PA had a disagreement with staff over his mobile phone but I categorically did not swear at the steward.

“I’m disgusted that someone would make this up about me!” she added.

The 23-year-old’s lawyer also defended her, saying, “At no stage was our client abusive or foulmouthed towards any member of the crew during the course of the flight.”

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