You and the Night | The Breakfast Club meets The Hunger in this kitsch ode to love and lust

You and the Night (2013)

Around midnight, a stylish young couple and their transgender maid prepare for an orgy. Their guests will be The Slut, The Star, The Stud and The Teen. Each comes with their own dark and impassioned secrets, unravelled in flashbacks and admissions, in a night they’ll never forget…

You and the Night 2

If the idea of football legend Eric Cantona engaging in some S&M whipping action with Betty Blue’s Béatrice Dalle and getting it on with a dude wearing a maid’s dress distresses you, then look away now.

Taking place within a vast Brutalist building set in a wintery woodland, writer-director Yann Gonzales existential dream play, Les recontres d’apres minuit (in the original French), follows seven characters who, over the course of a night of debauchery and soul-searching, have their emotional wounds healed through their contact with each other.

You and the Night 1

Imagine fusing The Breakfast Club, The Hunger and Tales from the Crypt with some Pedro Almodóvar kitsch and some Bava/Argento-styled giallo, all set within an über cool 1980s aesthetic, and you’ll be on the mark. Another big draw is the shimmering score by French electronic band M83 which gets played through a sensory jukebox (which would be cool if it were a reality). This one’s destined for cult status.

You and the Night is released on DVD on 24 November in the UK from Peccadillo Pictures