You study WHAT? University Challenge contestant’s study sends twitter into meltdown

University Challenge never fails to teach us a rather obscure thing or two, but Monday night’s episode had a surprise in store for us that we weren’t entirely ready for.

The penultimate round saw Queen Mary, London, go head to head with Nuffield College, Oxford, and as Jeremy Paxman invited the teams to introduce themselves, nothing could prepare us for what was to come…


No, your ears did not deceive you – Queen Mary’s Kate Lynes really did reveal she was studying for an MD in sphincter preservation, and many didn’t even know there was such a thing.





Until that point, most of us were more than content living in blissful ignorance but once the words sphincter and preservation were strung together in the same sentence, our curiosity got the better of us.






Queen Mary University was quick to jump in and point inquisitive viewers in the right direction, sharing a link that proved just how important Kate’s area of expertise was.


And once we could appreciate the benefits of having an MD in sphincter preservation, we discovered a new-found love for the subject and Kate Lynes alike.




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