Is the young Phillip Schofield the spitting image of Gerry in The Durrells?

Viewers aren't convinced!

ITV has suggested that the young Phillip Schofield is the spitting image of 15-year-old actor Milo Parker, who plays Gerry in The Durrells.

Milo up popped on Good Morning Britain to talk about the new series of The Durrells, which continues on Sunday, prompting ITV to marvel at the “likeness” he shares with Phillip.

However, viewers were very sceptical! “Looks absolutely nothing like him,” commented one. While most replied with a simple “No!”

Meanwhile, Milo revealed that the animals on the ITV show, starring Keeley Hawes as Louisa, have a habit of causing chaos during filming.

“I think the pelicans are really quite naughty. They have a mind of their own. They are massive and run all over the place, really quickly, it’s terrifying.”

Asked which animals wee on them, Milo replied on Good Morning Britain: “The goat decided to go for a wee during the middle of a scene. I just carried on [the scene]. My phone was in my pocket and it[the wee] went all over my phone. And I think you can see me flinch a a little bit as goat wee began dripping down my leg!”

The Durrells continues on ITV at 8pm this Sunday.

Main pic: Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock