EastEnders’ Harry Reid and Jamie Borthwick: ‘David Jason would be our dream flatmate!’

EastEnders actors Harry Reid and Jamie Borthwick have revealed their dream housemate would be Only Fools and Horses actor David Jason.

EastEnders housemates Jamie Borthwick and Harry Reid have revealed that their dream flatmate would be Only Fools and Horses actor David Jason.

The pair, better known as Jay and Ben Mitchell, revealed their line-up would also include Barcelona player Lionel Messi and chef Marco Pierre White.

Speaking to What’s On TV, Jamie and Harry said being in their own house on set makes way for bigger storylines as they are no longer under the watchful eye of other characters.

Harry said: “The youngsters’ storylines get kind of overtaken by the adults, like the thing we had with Bex and her storyline, the dad would naturally get involved. So for us it’s like having our own platform where we’re in our own house and the stories are ours. It’s a chance for us to find new relationships.”

The boys’ on-screen house is infamously messy, but Jamie insisted he is a lot tidier in real life. He said: “I am very tidy.”

Jamie also revealed Harry’s hidden talent – claiming his co-star is a dab hand in the kitchen. He said: “I don’t know if you know, but Harry is a little chef on the quiet.”

Harry then said his signature dish is a chicken in Chianti, which he has developed to make his own.

When asked who their dream housemate would be, the pair both agreed Only Fools and Horses actor David Jason would be their number one choice.

Jamie said: “We’d need a good chef there too so I’d have Marco Pierre White.”

The pair have recently been involved in some heavy storylines, with Paul Coker’s death and Jay’s arrest for his relationship with underage girlfriend Linzi, so Jamie says moving into the house came at the right time.

He said: “We’d both been involved in really heavy dramatic stuff so it was nice to lighten it up. It came at the right time.”



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