EastEnders’ Tilly Keeper: ‘Louise is in a really vulnerable place – she is deeply insecure’

EastEnders actress Tilly Keeper has revealed how her character Louise Mitchell's bullying ordeal has reached out to audiences.

EastEnders actress Tilly Keeper has revealed how her character Louise’s bullying ordeal has touched audiences.

In an interview with What’s On TV, Tilly spoke about how a psychologist recently approached her and praised the show for its handling of the topic.

Tilly said: “I was shopping the other day and this woman said ‘I’m a psychologist and I think it’s really important that EastEnders are showing the friend on the sidelines watching it’.

“With other bullying storylines you rarely see someone on the sidelines and giving them a voice and seeing their POV through the camera and showing how they are feeling about it. There is the bullied, and the bullies and those who stand by.”

Tilly admitted that she currently feels sorry for her character, as she has no support from her brothers or dad Phil.

Tilly said: “She’s lost a lot of family members and she’s in a really vulnerable place. She is a deeply insecure girl. She needs a lot of verification. She needs to be told all the time that she’s welcome, she is wanted and she is great, which is why she got with the bullies in the first place because they are the popular girls.”

The 19-year-old actress joined the BBC1 soap in January last year, when she became the fourth actress to play Louise Mitchell.

Tilly said: “It has changed my life. I’m an actress now which is amazing but I still have the same home life. I still make my bed. It’s not all glamour, but I love it and it’s changed my life for the better.”

And Tilly revealed she has a secret talent off the screen. She said: “I’m a very good baker – ask anyone in EastEnders. I make the best banana bread – sorry to blow my own horn! I always make banana bread and it is yet to be championed. Other people have tried, but it’s just not as good as mine!”

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