Amanda Abbington ‘really sad’ about the end of Mr Selfridge

Amanda Abbington told What’s on TV about the end of Mr Selfridge: “I shall definitely be back to see Miss Mardle’s character through… It’s the last series, so after this we won’t be doing any more, which will be really sad because it’s been a part of my life for four years.”

Amanda added: “But I’m sure there will be more heartache and a rollercoaster of emotions for Miss Mardle and Mr Groves. But I don’t know whether it’ll end very happily, who knows? I haven’t seen the scripts yet. I’m hoping they’ll ride off into the sunset, but I don’t think that will happen!”

Amanda co-hosted the announcement of the BAFTA TV Awards nominations in London today and also gave hints about what to expect in the new series of Sherlock, which co-stars her husband Martin Freeman.

“It’s set in Victorian times which was lovely,” said Amanda. “I’ve done Mr Selfirdge so I was used to all the corsets and stuff that Mary was wearing, but it’s really exciting and it’s a different approach to how we’ve been doing Sherlock recently. I think it’s going to be really good.”

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