April finds Laurel unconscious! Emmerdale spoilers, April 24

Finally, we visit Emmerdale.

Marlon’s in denial that Laurel has a drink problem, but it’s all too real when Jimmy backtracks on a job offer after learning she was drunk at work.

It’s situation critical when after a bender she starts to choke on her own vomit and April tries to wake her, while Arthur rushes to get Ashley.

Marlon’s horrified at the scene when he returns home and handles it badly.

Vanessa feels queasy and soon discovers she pregnant. Worried it’s Adam’s she considers a term, but decides this might be her only chance to be a mum.

Initially she doesn’t tell Kirin, but reveals her state to Adam. When she does come clean, Kirin fusses around her, arousing Rakesh’s suspicions.

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