Charlie confesses his feelings for Roxy: Eastenders spoilers, April 13

Roxy doesn’t know if she’s coming or going when Marta turns up for Ineta’s birthday, then Charlie shows up and declares his feelings for her.

After Aleks tells Roxy Ronnie has started talking, Charlie later reveals Aleks is about to propose… He produces a ring, then asks the question – how long has she been sleeping with Charlie!

Tamwar, meanwhile, learns something disquieting about Aleks and the market. When he confronts him, Aleks sacks him!

Charlie visits Dot, who’s cold when he tells her he wants Roxy. Later Dot has more visitors, Max and Carol, and tells them she’s not going to Jim’s funeral.

Despite their troubles, Carol tells Sonia she’ll arrange Jim’s funeral, then promptly loses it with Sonia in the Vic and dumps her things on the pub floor. What’s really going on with her?

Jay’s in Phil’s bad book when he realises one of the cars Max has sold is dodgy. Phil warns Jay not to tell Max they’re stolen, but will he stay quiet?

Shirley breaks the news to Dean that Stan has died and Buster offers to pay for the funeral, causing a bustup, while Linda gets news she could do without.