Debbie and Ross’s dangerous liaison! Emmerdale spoilers, April 20

The mystery of Donny’s beating is cleared up when Robert learns he owes a thug 10 grand. Donny meanwhile suggests to Lachlan they move to Scotland.

Lawrence likes the idea and offers him a generous sum to leave, but he uses the money to pay off Charlie. Only, Chrissie has offered Ross 10 thou to help her get rid of Donny.

Ross and Debbie intercept the pay-off, but have to barricade themselves in a room when Charlie reveals he has an armed accomplice.

Chrissie does a deal with Donny and Debbie and Ross escape and he then lays his heart on the line to her… Only for Debbie to propose to Pete!

Ross isn’t prepared to go quietly and grasses up Robert to Chrissie for the Home Farm raid. Meanwhile, Debbie reveals to the Woolpack the Barton’s dark secret – Emma once tried to smother Ross!

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