EastEnders, Corrie & Emmerdale spoilers: April 27

Alfie asks Ian to gissa job managing Beales, but it’s no go. Will hid strenuous attempts (1a) to prove his worth change Ian’s mind?

Meanwhile Kat is again asked to testify against Harry and feeling the pressure has a few at the Vic, which soon leads to a close encounter with Max.

The guilt gets to her and when Alfie takes her on a nostalgic picnic she tells him she wants to get back with him. How will he react?

 Later Kat goes to the convent to face her past and finds Sister Ruth, the nun who helped her give birth to Zoe. Will she be able to help her move on?

Karin is back and panicking. She tells Max the police are onto them and he has to get rid of the cars fast. Phil loves it, and after he threatens Max with the police, wins the Arches back.

Phil is ecstatic and Max is down in the dumps when even Abi’s loyalties lie with the Mitchells especially when Phil buys her a car to celebrate her new job

Dean sacks Stacey when he returns to Blades, but then Whitney matchmakes her and Martin. He’s disappointed after their drink turns into a platonic non ev

 Later Stacey gets in a touch with a face from her past and learns the truth about the key…

Next, we’re in Weatherfield.

 Nick and Carla are enjoying getting to know each other AND their shared interests  like a wine-tasting session, but their union may be short lived!

Nick is waiting for Carla at the Bistro, only to be confronted by Erica who has some news – she’s pregnant! Nick does his best goldfish impression…

Jenny’s erm QUIRKY behaviour continues when, during a row with Maria about Liam hitting Jack, she slaps the hairdresser!

Sophie’s frustrated no one believes that Jenny’s a wrong’un and is stubborn when Sally insists she make amends with Kevin after getting caught snooping in Jenny’s handbag.

Eventually she tries to make amends, but Jenny shouts at her then tells Kevin that Sophie attacked her!

Chesney’s hyper when Sinead comes home, unhappy with physio Sam’s concern, then dismisses Alya & Izzy when they try to get Sinead back to work.

Nick reads Beth the riot act about school after she gets glammed up for her first day,  while Sarah scores a job at the Rovers. Calum’s soon best customer

Finally, we visit Emmerdale.

Marlon’s in denial that Laurel has a drink problem, but it’s all too real when Jimmy backtracks on a job offer after learning she was drunk at work.

It’s situation critical when after a bender she starts to choke on her own vomit and April tries to wake her, while Arthur rushes to get Ashley.

Marlon’s horrified at the scene when he returns home and handles it badly.

Vanessa feels queasy and soon discovers she pregnant. Worried it’s Adam’s she considers a term, but decides this might be her only chance to be a mum.

Initially she doesn’t tell Kirin, but reveals her state to Adam. When she does come clean, Kirin fusses around her, arousing Rakesh’s suspicions.

(27)Robert wants to keep a lid on the Home Farm raid and, despite Chrissie,  hopes to keep it from Lawrence, while Aaron tells him they’re finished…

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