EastEnders, Corrie & Emmerdale spoilers: April 6

After last week’s close shave, Alfie declares at Kat’s bedside that he’ll always be there for her and the family fuss around her when she comes home.

They’re anxious when a social worker visits, but insist they can care for kids.

Buster Briggs is back and wants Shirley in Greece with him. Initially, she says yes, but worried for her family declines, then takes matters into her own hands

Buster threatens to leave without her, then changes his mind, while Mick tries to make amends with Shirley, but she slams the door in his face.

Babe brings Sylvie to say her goodbyes to Stan and contrives to get Cora to call off the wedding, but Stan sends her packing.

Will they marry? That’s to find out, but Stan dies with Shirley at his side after she’s made her peace with Mick to make Stan happy.

There’s sadness for the Brannings, too, when Carol learns Jim has passed away, and Sonia breaks the news to Dot, while Carol later breaks down.

Sonia also has to get her head around how Martin lost the family home, while a woman arrives looking for Phil, but Max intercepts her and leads her home.

Next, we preview developments in Corrie.

Anna’s concerned when Fay won’t bond with the baby, while she confides to her that Jackson is the father. But it was consensual.

Anna convinces her Jackson should know about the baby, but in front of his folks he denies sleeping with her, while the police come round to talk to Owen

Fay tells Sophie she doesn’t want the baby, but struggles to tell Anna. She
thinks the girl’s confused, but Owen says they should listen to her. The couple have a big row then Anna tells him she doesn’t love him anymore!

Elsewhere Tony’s glum when Liz says no to a date so she can go out with Steve & Michelle, but later finds her buttering him up to pay for their wedding.

Tracy tells him Liz is using him to bankroll the family, while Todd confronts her after seeing them kiss. Tracy has to buy his silence with a pay rise.

Eileen has a nice time at the Bistro with her internet date, Adrian. Look familiar? But Todd being Todd is soon up to mischief, pretending he’s a date.

Jason and Sarah realise Beth is winding them up by playing a secretive Cupid, so to get back at her they pretend they’re back together!

Finally, we visit Emmerdale.

In Chrissie’s absence, Aaron’s feeling the love from Robert, but with her soon returning he goes for a punishing run and falls down an embankment and lies unconscious.

Next morning Chas and Robert search for him and Robert’s furious when she tricks him into admitting they’re lovers. He lurks behind her with a boulder after she threatens to tell Chrissie!

Suddenly they hear Aaron calling! Later Robert calls a shady contact to get rid of Chas, but after she promises to stay quiet he tries to call off the hit…

Too late! The man is stalking Chas and Robert can’t get through to him!

Elsewhere, Alicia tries to put on a brave face when she hears Lachlan’s verdict, but later loses it and decides to leave the village.

Emma is struggling with the divorce and isn’t happy to see James and Chas looking cosy, but Debbie’s suspicious when James has to carry his injured ex during the fun run.

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