EastEnders, Corrie & Emmerdale spoilers: February 9

A preview of the big soap storylines..

Lauren’s in crisis after her shock discovery and she tries to get Emma’s phone but doesn’t know the pass code. In her frustration she eyes up a bottle of whiskey at Max’s.

Max is worried about her behaviour and asks Stacey to talk to her – and later in the week reveals the truth to her… She knows what happened to Lucy!

She won’t go to the police, so Stacey does and she calls in Keeble. Will Lauren cave in and tell him what she knows?

Nick begs Dot to get him some drugs when he suffers withdrawal symptoms. Cut to Fatboy catching Dot leaving some dodgy flats. Has she really scored?

Back in the square, she pleads with her son to turn himself in, but she’s stunned by his response as his true colours resurface.

Alfie throws a stag do for a reluctant Ian and next day he surveys the damage, but Ian tells Jane he’s organising a pre-wedding do to make up for it.

Jane and Ian argue about the pre-wedding dinner, but he surprises her with a cosy gathering, until Denise and Lauren show up and ruin the mood.

Roxy tells Charlie the doctors will make one last attempt to revive Ronnie. When she learns she may have brain damage, she attacks him for not doing…

Next, we’re in Coronation Street.

The mystery of Fay Windass’s expanding waistline is solved after Craig is pressured to reveal to Anna and Owen she’s bunking off school due to bullies.

Craig wonders if it’s because she pregnant – and a test reveals the gobsmacking truth. The 12-year-old is! Shades of Sarah Louise Platt.

Fay rejects Anna’s comforting hug, thinking she’ll notice the baby bump and confides in Craig that she’s terrified Anna will disown her.

Owen gets a nasty surprise when his ex, Linda, shows up and Katy learns she’s her mum. Anna tells her to clear off, but she says she’s going nowhere.

Linda accuses Owen of misleading the girls about her wanting nothing to do with them, but he’s furious when he sees her in a cosy scene with Katy.

Steve looks like he’s on the mend when reluctant birthday girl, Amy, agrees to a meal. It turns out to be a lovely evening and he kisses Michelle in thanks.

But its all too much when he goes to work on the switch and has to leave early.

Last, we’re in Emmerdale.

Zak and lisa worry about Belle in the light of recent events and she pretends to take her pill while actually washing it down a drain.

After seeing Lisa use her angina spray she sadly sneaks out with a packed bag, coerced by the voice of ‘Gemma’.

Belle’s absence is soon noticed and a search party is quickly gathered, but when Samson soon finds her, but she menacingly warns him to stay silent.

Eventually she’s found on a ledge at Wylie’s farm and as former copper Harriet tries to talk her down, she loses her footing!

James manages to talk Finn around when he asks Emma to move out after last week’s big revelation.

When James later tells her he wants a divorce, she hides her fury until she explodes in the pub toilets while no one’s around. This woman is DARK