EastEnders, Corrie & Emmerdale spoilers: March 16


Martin has bad news for Sonia – Rebecca is visiting and doesn’t want to see her. And probably worse, their girl has turned into a ghoul!




Sonia and Martin unite to try and sort out their Gothic horror who’s in trouble at school, and Martin’s hopeful he can ALSO unite with her mum. But it looks long odds when Sonia and Tina kiss!




They agree to start seeing each other on the quiet. How long will THAT last? Sonia confronts Martin about his surly behaviour and is stunned by his words.




Stan collapses and loses feeling in his legs and after hospital treatment gives the family some awful news, while Sonia suggests he go into a hospice.




The idea is eventually agreed though Stan immediately falls out with his roommate. Later, Cora visits and Stan decides to propose! What will she say?




Donna complains about Fatboy but later tries to make it up with him and the odd couple bond, particularly after he drives her to a hospital appointment.




Pam arranges a birthday party for her in the Vic and Fatboy launches into trouble-maker Martin when he tries to kiss Donna for a bet.




Shabnam’s upset when she sees Kush buying flowers, thinking he’s moved on. She confronts a drunk Kush at the Vic and he makes a confession.






Andy’s oddly upset when Gail insists that as soon as Michael is back on his feet she wants him to move away from Coronation Street.




Gail’s anxious that real Gavin’s National Ins number is on the Bistro computer. As she’s changing it Michael walks in and she has to lie her way out of it.




Gail has to hide Gavin’s obituary from Michael then his aunt Barbara suddenly


arrives and Gail tries to usher her away before MIchael sees her.




Gail’s week gets even more complicated when she walks into the Rovers to find her 14 year old granddaughter Bethany back… and boozing with Andy!




She soon puts that to rights, and tells Barbara she’ll go to the funeral in Michael’s place as he’s far too ill to do so himself.…




Elsewhere, Callum and David start mediation over Max and David’s highly unimpressed when Gail gets on with Callum’s mum so well.




And Sinead’s upset when Ches agrees that Joseph can go with Katy to Portugal. Can he really wave goodbye to his son…?






David Metcalfe takes the law into his own hands when he can’t bear Lachlan’s lack of remorse over what he did to Alicia in Emmerdale.




Earlier, Lachlan returns from his break and corners Alicia in the shop and tries to touch her, prompting a hysterical meltdown.




David bundles Lachlan into his car after their exchange and drives him to a barn. Lachlan taunts him further until the red mist descends. Will he hurt him?




Chrissie meanwhile is horrified when she discovers evidence on Lachlan’s laptop which proves Alicia’s not lying. She then has to decide whether to report her own son to the police…




Tracy’s feeling distinctly used by Andy and she storms off after a row at Sarah’s school play. He breaks down when he sees Katy’s photo on a school wall and Diane persuades him to move in with her…




Laurel’s make-up party is a big success, but she can’t hide her problem from Doug, while Emma’s delighted when she match-makes Ross and Carly…