EastEnders, Corrie & Emmerdale spoilers: May 18

Shabnam’s past & present are causing her nightmares and she’s cold w Asim when he wants to talk kids as Fatima reveal she knows she gave up her baby

After slipping up with Dean, Shabnam confesses she had a baby, but it died, then later trips up over her lie, while Kush returns to the news about Asim

Kush sees off Dean when he pressures Stacey for info on Shabnam’s baby, while Kush and Stacey get drunk and amorous and she reveals Shab’s secret

Shabnam’s horrified when Shirley confronts her publically, while Dean drops a bombshell on Shirley and Buster about his own past…

Australia’s off the itinerary, but moneybags Kat and Alfie still want to start a new life and, despite Kat’s fears, Alfie moves forward with the plan.

On their last day in Walford Sister Judith shows up. Will she halt their plans?

Vincent calls Ronnie pretending to be Carl White and claims he knows that she killed Carl, so she turns to Phil again. Later he panics when he finds Vincent drinking with a tipsy, talkative Charlie…

Next, it’s Corrie.

Tony and Tracy’s devious plan comes good… or bad… when Liz finally decides to sell to Travis Ltd and move to Spain, while Michelle and Steve will run the Rovers.

Tony feels a smidgen of guilt when Michelle worries about the pressure, while Steve has a panic attack and refuses to go on his stag do in Liverpool.

Later, Carla offers to buy Liz’s half of the pub and Tony and Tracy reel when Michelle announces the new byuer. Tony tries to placate Tracy, but has
their plan been foiled?

Meanwhile Lloyd and Tyrone end up on a Norwegian trawler on the stag do!

Callum rejects David’s desperate suggeston to sort out the custody away from court and David’s furious when his criminal past is brought up at the hearing.

Who told? David accuses Sarah, but she shamefully reveals it was Bethany! Later he asks Sarah to go bowling with Callum & Max to keep an eye on them

Erica notices Nick and Carla’s spark so invites him to her ante-natal class, then he invites her to his and, later, to a family meal at the bistro. Cosy.

Finally, we’re in Emmerdale.

Marlon’s on a tough love mission. He tells Laurel to stay away from everyone till she’s sober then stops her money, which leads her to a bar begging drinks.

Laurel wakes up in an alcoholic haze at a strange man’s place while back in Emmerdale she’s been reported missing. When an unwelcome stranger arrives last night’s events become all too clear.

Ashley urges her to go to AA and she admits to Rhona she’s an alcoholic. Meanwhile Marlon considers divorce, but Ashley tries to reason with him…

Rachel and Jai are at loggerheads and she tells him she doesn’t want him looking after Archie, while he later traps her in the factory.

Later, she tells Sam he wants to do a runnr with him and Archie, but Lisa finds out and tells Jai, who says he wants his name on Archie’s birth certificate.

Ross is battered and reveals to Debbie he’s bare-knuckle boxing to pay his debt to Charlie. Can she stop him? And where does this concern leave Pete?