Faye Windass gives birth! Coronation Street spoilers: March 30

Mum to be Fay decides she wants to drop off the baby at hospital and Craig sets out on a dummy run as Tim asks him tough questions. Craig insists they’re just friends…

Craig is exasperated and tells her the plan won’t work, when suddenly she goes into labour and begs him to go find her mum.

Sophie finds Fay alone in labour in the corner shop flat and Craig leads a mortified Anna and Owen to her, before she’s whisked off in an ambulance.

Fay begs Anna not to have a go at Craig and he insists to Beth and Kirk the baby isn’t his. Eventually, the 12-year-old has a baby girl.

Bethany contrives to miss her flight as uncle David is upset by Max’s excitement at spending the day with Callum.

Sarah suddenly storms into Weatherfield, to Bethany’s terror and it’s soon clear why she fled Italy which leads to an almighty massive bust up.

Callum is sniffing around when he learns Sarah is David’s sister and when Bethany disappears after shoplifting Callum offers to help her find her…

Tracy is furious to learn how Tony used the house proceeds and threatens to reveal their affair, while Tony soon falls into line, taking her to a posh hotel.