A preview of the big storylines in EastEnders…

Lauren’s in crisis after her shock discovery and she tries to get Emma’s phone but doesn’t know the pass code. In her frustration she eyes up a bottle of whiskey at Max’s.

Max is worried about her behaviour and asks Stacey to talk to her – and later in the week reveals the truth to her… She knows what happened to Lucy!

She won’t go to the police, so Stacey does and she calls in Keeble. Will Lauren cave in and tell him what she knows?

Nick begs Dot to get him some drugs when he suffers withdrawal symptoms. Cut to Fatboy catching Dot leaving some dodgy flats. Has she really scored?

Back in the square, she pleads with her son to turn himself in, but she’s stunned by his response as his true colours resurface.

Alfie throws a stag do for a reluctant Ian and next day he surveys the damage, but Ian tells Jane he’s organising a pre-wedding do to make up for it.

Jane and Ian argue about the pre-wedding dinner, but he surprises her with a cosy gathering, until Denise and Lauren show up and ruin the mood.

Roxy tells Charlie the doctors will make one last attempt to revive Ronnie. When she learns she may have brain damage, she attacks him for not doing…