Gails prepares to confess her lies! Coronation Street spoilers, April 20

Callum realises David’s trying to frame him when he finds Andy in his car with drugs. Later, he and his cronies abduct David, bundling him into a car boot.

Andy tells Gail and Nick about David’s attempt to stich him up, while he tells
Steph they have to move away. She tells Luke about his double life.

Luke’s livid and punches Andy, while Gail feels awful about what the deceit has caused. Will she be able to go through with the wedding?

Well, Michael’s crushed when the service comes to a halt. Gail has a huge decision to make – confess or continue the lie.

What is Jenny’s game? She loses the plot when she discovers a rash on Jack’s neck, though the doctor says it’s nothing. Then later quits her job after learning his babysitter is out of action for a bit. Strange.

Roy is mortified when Sharif goes to work on a widow, Cathy, to secure her allotment. She’s hurt by the ruse and Roy insists Sharif apologises.

Elsewhere, Beth’s appalled when Sara enrols her for Weatherfield high and Todd’s gutted when Eileen dumps Dubai Jeff to focus on Adrian.

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