Indian Summers’ Alexander Cobb reveals how to play a drunk!

The tension reaches breaking point for Scottish tea entrepreneur Ian Mcleod in this Sunday’s Indian Summers (C4, 9pm) when he takes the witness stand at Mr Sood’s murder trial.

What’s On TV caught up with Alexander Cobb who reveals why Ian’s constant drunkeness has big ramifications in court.

“His drunkenness becomes an issue, in the court scenes in terms of how viable his opinion is,” Alexander explains. “Playing a character who gets drunk so much is scary. You fear it might be like panto acting and that’s the last thing you want to do because you want it to be taken seriously.

“So basically I did lots of research, going out and getting hammered – no I’m joking! One of my tricks is before walking on to the scene is to turn around a few times to get myself a bit dizzy and then you let rip!”

Alexander also revealed how well all the Indian Summers‘ cast and crew bonded while filming in Malaysia, which doubles as India for the C4 production.

“We were out there about six months and we formed this lovely little community, and the best part of the job really was the friends we made. We all went out together and had dinner with each other pretty much every night. We also had card evenings and pizzas together, plus endless games of Uno and Worms. We lived in each others’ pockets for six months. It was a lovely thing and I made some really good friends.”


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