Jimmy’s an Emmerdale man through and through, so he’s not thrilled about the prospect of being a househusband in Dubai!




He can’t see Nicola’s point of view at all and has a plan to stop her going, but she can’t believe how low he’ll go to stop her taking Angel. It’s tense as he takes Nicola to the airport. Has he lost her for ever?




Robert’s secretly worried when Paddy tells him to keep away from Aaron and he confronts his ex after seeing him tthrow up due to over-training.




Later Robert has a proposition for Ross involving a stolen car then offers Aaron a chance to unleash his anger – and BOY does he deliver!




He absolutely batters Robert and later Victoria’s alarmed to see the state Aaron is in…




Chrissie apologises to Alicia for Lachlan’s behaviour and says she’s gone to the police and will forget about the kidnapping, enraging Lawrence.