Lachlan’s bad dad arrives in the village! Emmerdale spoilers, April 13

Chrissie is beside herself over Lachlan’s lack of remorse and after there’s an arrest at the Metcalfes’, decides to call his father, Donny.

Donny soon arrives in the village, but far from presenting a united front he’s withholding something from Chrissie and he’s deffo got something on Robert.

Lachlan’s impressed by his dad, but later Donny makes a mystery call telling the person he needs more time. Suddenly he’s abducted and beaten up, but doesn’t want the police involved. Whiffy or what?!

James is wound up by Chas & Paddy’s relationship and makes an accusation. Emma’s delighted they’re rowing and makes a move on him, which works!

He’s mortified the next morning.Wonder how Chas will react when she hears?

And Carly lands Jimmy in it when she asks for help getting her belongings from her ex. The thing is, she doesn’t tell him it’s a break-in!