A preview of the big storylines in Coronation Street..

The mystery of Fay Windass’s expanding waistline is solved after Craig is pressured to reveal to Anna and Owen she’s bunking off school due to bullies.

Craig wonders if it’s because she pregnant – and a test reveals the gobsmacking truth. The 12-year-old is! Shades of Sarah Louise Platt.

Fay rejects Anna’s comforting hug, thinking she’ll notice the baby bump and confides in Craig that she’s terrified Anna will disown her.

Owen gets a nasty surprise when his ex, Linda, shows up and Katy learns she’s her mum. Anna tells her to clear off, but she says she’s going nowhere.

Linda accuses Owen of misleading the girls about her wanting nothing to do with them, but he’s furious when he sees her in a cosy scene with Katy.

Steve looks like he’s on the mend when reluctant birthday girl, Amy, agrees to a meal. It turns out to be a lovely evening and he kisses Michelle in thanks.

But its all too much when he goes to work on the switch and has to leave early.