Sarah sleeps with Callum! Coronation Street spoilers, April 13

Callum always knows which of David’s buttons to press and this week it’s Sarah. But first the bad boy apologises to David for showing up unexpectedly.

Then he charms Sarah and they’re soon getting passionate back at No 8 though they’re almost caught at it by Beth and David.

Sarah wants to return to Italy, but Beth calls Stephen in Milan and stalls the move, tho Gail is soon on the phone begging him not to let go of her.

Callum’s curious to learn Sarah’s staying on the Street and is soon back in her arms. When David finds him at No 8 he has to cover that he’s turned up to see Max.

David wants to know why Gail’s been buying flowers and he follows her to the cemetery and confronts her about visiting Gavin’s grave. Will she fess up?

Tracy urges Tony to visit her via the back door and declares that they should get their own pub together. He’s seduced and promises he’ll dump Liz soon.

Tracy later tells him she wants the Rovers! So Tony lies to Liz he’s made a bad investment and needs his money back…

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