Sharon discovers her real dad? EastEnders spoilers: March 23

Sharon learns from a solicitor that Den specifically asked to adopt Sharon, but he WASNT her biological dad. Phew! So who is? And is he close to home?

Meanwhile, Ian’s back all loved up from his honeymoon but is shocked to learn Dot’s in prison, so he visits her with Sharon.

Dot again refuses their help, while Sharon is left pondering her parentage… After a trip down memory lane with Ian she has a shock realisation.

With Phil absent, she and Denny come to blows and she again seeks solace from Ian. But later she’s shocked to walk in and find Phil back.

Now that Ian and Jane are home, Cindy feels a spare part as Jane looks after Beth, tho Liam encourages her to take her out of nursery for the afternoon.

Ian is angry at Cindy’s rash act, which leads to a panic and she asks Jane for help, while Liam rides to the rescue.

Martin rants about Sonia to Rebecca and Sonia is given a choice – her daughter or Tina… Meanwhile Alfie discovers something desperate about Martin and he and Donna try to help him out.

Kush and Shabnam take a step forward when he opens up about his past, but then a step backwards when he tells her he’s not ready to remarry.