The family prepares for Stan’s funeral: EastEnders spoilers, April 20

Shirley and Buster bring a forlorn Dean back to Albert Square and when he goes in search of Linda, she’s determined to have it out with him.

Just as he’s about to admit his wrongdoing to her, in walks Mick and he kicks off, later insisting his brother can’t go to Stan’s funeral.

Shirley’s torn, while Tina delivers a moving eulogy and when Mick returns Dean scarpers from the Vic as his brother sails into him.

Shirley’s tormented by her warring sons and asks Phil for a loan. But what for

Cora visits Dot in the slammer and they reach a mutual understanding over each other’s grief. Has Cora persuaded Dot to go to Jim’s funeral?

Dot stuns everyone when she arrives in time while Max reads the eulogy then Dot adds her reminiscences. I think that’s enough death for a long in Walford.

Elsewhere Max confesses to Carol he’s been selling stolen motors and the business is in trouble. Carol convinces him to ask Phil for help…

Vincent turns up at the hospital to speak to Ronnie, while Roxy decides to visit her sister, nervous about revealing her affair with Charlie.

Ronnie’s nervous when Vincent reminds her of their past, while Kims in floods when she reveals her story has been a pack of lies. So what’s the truth?


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