Will Gavin ruin Gail’s wedding? Corrie spoilers: March 9

It’s Michael and Gail’s wedding day in Weatherfield and he’s approached by the real Gavin who then goes round and introduces himself to the bride!




He proves he’s the real Gavin to her, then explains Andy staged the mugging, but hasn’t coughed up enough, so Gail offers him the rest.




Meanwhile, Michael’s got himself worked up because Gail hasn’t shown, but she races to the wedding after promising the cash AS LONG as he disappear




Gavin gets his money and Andy warns him to get his heart checked out, but later finds out he’s died in a car crash! Gail begs Andy to stay as Gavin after Michael’s op is unsuccessful. He needs a transplant!




Anna is stunned when Linda tells Owen she still loves him and wants him and the girls to move to Portugal – and Katy decides to go!


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