Gemma’s back to torment Belle! Emmerdale spoilers: Feb 9

A preview of the big storylines in Emmerdale

Zak and lisa worry about Belle in the light of recent events and she pretends to take her pill while actually washing it down a drain.

After seeing Lisa use her angina spray she sadly sneaks out with a packed bag, coerced by the voice of ‘Gemma’.

Belle’s absence is soon noticed and a search party is quickly gathered, but when Samson soon finds her, but she menacingly warns him to stay silent.

Eventually she’s found on a ledge at Wylie’s farm and as former copper Harriet tries to talk her down, she loses her footing!

James manages to talk Finn around when he asks Emma to move out after last week’s big revelation.

When James later tells her he wants a divorce, she hides her fury until she explodes in the pub toilets while no one’s around. This woman is DARK

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